Dr Droid

To Band or Not To Band?

Face it. If you want a party that kicks, you want live music. There is just something about a band that makes people feel good. 


If you are inviting people who hate to dance or  want to talk endlessly together in discrete bunches or are depressed by serious levels of volume or just are not out to have fun- then you do not want a band. If you want background music, don't get a band.

Why not a Disco?

The disc spinning cd scratching ekky crowd are great if you want lots of waterbottles and a time you won't remember (but you are guaranteed that some other(s) will remember all the wrong bits) 

Or you can get the one that plays all the rock that shocks your jocks.

DiscoDudes are cheap and bands are not. This is because there is usually only one DiscoDude, with a box of discs and an amped up hi-fi. Bands have lots of people (we usually have 9), microphones, amplifiers, speakers, keyboards, drums, lights and lots of wires that need to be plugged together to make it all go. DiscoDude can setup in a shoebox in about half an hour. A band takes 2-3 hours and a lot more space. The DiscoDude slinks out after the bar closes and is dust within 20 minutes. The band usually must wait until the party is over and then load out, an hour at least.  Then get home and unpack again.  So for most gigs, it's a 4pm-2am experience for the band.

So bands cost money. Money for time. Money for gear,  vehicle(s) and fuel. Money for strings, sticks and reeds. If the gig is out of town, money for more time, more fuel, food and accommodation. But bands give you better value than canned, especially if they are populated with kindly folk of TMO! We've been here before, know what to look out for. We'll even help you plan your party if you want.  And we sound bloody marvellous. Horns aplenty!

After all, we're up for a great time too!