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The Many Others:
  A local Sydney nine-piece band formed for the inaugural and now famous CastleCove JazzFest in '98, this band has grown bigger, brighter, and brassier ever since. Their eclectic mix of toe-tappin', hip-swingin', head-spinnin' numbers always adds punch to even the most posthumous parties!

So 'unlike any other' and a swag of covers, we now play for local 40/50th home, Garden or GolfClub parties and the occasional Corporate Gigs and Benefits - young Ben at Forestville RSL last May who has Cerebral Palsy to get some special Computer hardware - 200 guests, many parents from CastleCove that were just as enthusiatic as us with crowd involvement and just recently for the Variety Club at Harold Park for 400 guests with acoustic dinner music and our usual fresh, highly danceable music where they raised $70k for special children.

We play heaps of Australian content - 1970's to Contemporary and if given the chance, slip in an original.

Weddings, Bahmitzvahs, Wakes, Births, HomePartyAnimals - The Many Others(TMO)!

Why the name? It was 1998, we were at a traditional Castle Cove School Parents Cocktail Party to get to know each other - the kids had all started in the Band. We were asking each other what we did other than 'the day job' - Dave played fantastic bass, another Dave played acoustic guitar, mouth organ & keyboards, another Dave a very capable Lead,Fuzz and Grunge Guitar, Dave the drums, then Brass - HotChops Dave(Flugel), Dave(Trumpet) and Dave(Eb/BbSax) on many horns and percussion, Dave and Davie on Vocals (they even owned their own mikes!), Dave an expert on SoundMix... all used to play in rock/stage bands in our misspent youths - so we had a very enthusiatic, ready made parents band for the upcoming JazzFest - with greater than 430 years of experience!! As it happened, George Golla, one of Australia's finest Jazz Guitarists was playing that year at the JazzFest with a list so long it couldn't be printed so it was billed as 'and many others' - so why not call ourselves 'the Many Others' - ready made marketing!

Venues where we can Help you  plan your event:

   Forestville Rugby Club, 24 Melwood Ave Next to Melwood Oval
   Tennis Valley, Castle Cove 02 9417 8860 (Kerry)
  venue ~ 100 - 250 people
   CastleCove Country  Club
   Forestville RSL Club
   Roseville Golf Club
   Club Willoughby ( ex-RSL Club)
   Willougby Bowling Club
   Your OWN place  / venue  ... see our advice


  • Victor's 60th Birthday Feb 2013
  • Victor's 60th Party Feb 2013

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    TMO - live @ the OtherDome ( Rehearsal)
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    Julius Grafton's Birthday Party ( A Band Too Many)

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